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When it comes to celebrities and other famous people getting to know latest celebrity news and gossip 2013 is crucial. There are so many different break ups, divorces, cheating and much more different gossips between celebrities that it’s quite good to know what is going on with your famous celebrity.

There are many different pages where you can find some of these gossips but none of the pages will bring you so many of the latest celebrity news and gossip 2013 that you will know almost everything about different celebrities. You will know whose relationships will most likely end soon, who is cheating who and much more. No celebrity news will be unnoticed on our page, we will give you gossips about actors, singers, athletes and many other celebrity.

All the latest celebrity news 2014

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Celebrities are very eccentric persons and we always have news about them. Also, they are just people and we have to leave them alone sometimes. Celebrities know that we must to know all about them. Because of that, they make a show for us. Sometimes, they do stupid things and sometimes it is a serious matter. Either way, we want to know all about the latest celebrity news 2014.

Celebrity couples

For us, most interesting news are celebrity couples news. Because of that, we represent to you latest celebrity news 2014. You can find whatever news you want on internet and magazines, and because of that, we will show you titles only. Of course, you have to go on internet and find news which you want to read. Titles are:

  • Gabrielle Union and her future husband Dwyane Wade have so much to celebrate
  • Christian Bale owe everything his wife and he can count his wife among his wins
  • Allison Williams is engaged
  • Kim and Kanye spend quality time in NYC – little time for them
  • Does this prove that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendez are still together?

Music, movie and entertainment

Music, movie and entertainment are always theme for latest celebrity news 2014. We bring to you some titles:

  • Ashley Greene to play Priscilla Presley (Elvis Presley’s wife) in new film
  • Prince Andrew dating with George Clooney’s ex, Croatian beauty Monika Jakisic
  • Unreleased Red Zeppelin recordings up for auction
  • Shakira opens new school
  • Fast & Furious: In memory of Paul Walker, F&F 7 production to resume in April

Celebrity babies

And latest celebrity news 2014, but not least, are news about celebrity babies.  Latest celebrity news 2014 abound of these cute, adorable babies. Some of news are:

  • Jessica Simpson poses with no makeup and her daughter Maxi in adorable selfies – very cute baby
  • Jenna Fischer: Families coming in the summer – Pregnant with second child
  • Snooki: Pregnant with second child…

Who is Katy Perry boyfriend 2014?

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Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is the real birthname of  Katy Perry, who was born on October 25th 1984. She was born and grows up in California, specifically in Santa Barbara and then she was moved to Los Angeles. She has received numerous awards and she had many nominations including 11 Grammy nominations. You wonder who is Katy Perry boyfriend 2014?

Her music and talent

Katy is very famous and she recording songs which belong to diverse genres, like as rock, electronics, pop and dance. Also, she knows to play piano and guitar. As we see, she is very talented young woman who has all life front of her and she knows how to enrich that life. She’s career was started 1999 and she still here. It means that she has valuables and knows how to show it. Also, she was written her best and most known song Hot n Cold. This song is her masterpiece.

Katy’s ex spouse

Katy Perry boyfriend 2014 is John Mayer, but before him, she had a marriage. Her ex spouse is Russell Brand. He is popular and known as England actor and comedian. Their marriage lasted only two years. He was started his career in 1994 and he is here to present.

Katy Perry boyfriend 2014 – her current love

Katy Perry boyfriend 2014 is very cute John Mayer. He is very loyal and we can see that he real loves our Katy. Also, he is her entourage wherever she goes. Katy Perry boyfriend 2014 is man just like what she loves. Her stronger half went with her to the assignment Grammy awards. She was wore beautiful blue and long dress which is emphasized her figure and beauty. Later, they went to the after party and stayed until the early morning hours.