Tom Cruise girlfriend 2013

With the launching of the new movie Tom Cruise has attracted attention to himself once again. His brilliant acting in Oblivion is leaving everyone speechless but people are also interested in finding out more about his personal life as well.

So what is there for Tom Cruise after the divorce from the popular actress Katie Holmes? Who is Tom Cruise girlfriend 2013?

Getting to know Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

There is no persona live that hasn’t heard of the popular actor such as Tom Cruise. When it comes to his professional life, we can say that he truly is one of the most talented actors out there who has acted in many different movies, in movies of different genres and thus proved his talent. Most of the people and audience and fans and movie critics probably know him for his roles in the movie series titled Mission Impossible. But what are some other movies he starred in. Well, let us mention only a few because when it comes to Tom Cruise his movie list is endless, or so it seems. The movies worth of mentioning are The Last Samurai, then Legend, and let us not forget about Interview with a Vampire. In addition to that let us mention Top Gun, and Rain Man and also the latest achievement Oblivion that is currently in the movie theatres. However, what is there to say about Tom Cruise and his private life?

Take a peek into Tom Cruise private life

When you are worldly popular such as Tom Cruise is, it is not strange that people, the media, the fans are trying to find out more about your private life. When it comes to Tom Cruises love life, we can say that he started dating way back in the 1980s. His first girlfriend was Melissa Gilbert. What many people don’t know is that he also dated Heather Locklear. If you are wondering how many times Tom Cruise got married then we should say that Tom Cruise first marriage happened in 1987 when he got married to Mimi Rogers. The strangest thing is that this marriage didn’t last for more than three weeks and then Tom Cruise started dating Cher. However, his second marriage came soon and the bride was Nicole Kidman, but their marriage ended in 2001. The next marriage of Tom Cruise was with his love Katie Holmes. They began dating in the middle of 2005 and after a really short time spent in a relationship they decided to get married and looked very happy together. Like many other Hollywood marriages, this one also fell apart sometime in July 2012 apparently because Tom Cruise got too involved in the Church of Scientology.

Ex Tom Cruise girlfriend Katie Holmes

Who is Tom Cruise dating now?

Most of you are anxious to find out who Tom Cruise girlfriend 2013 is and here we are to tell you. When it comes to Tom Cruise girlfriend 2013 we can tell you that little is known about her. Tom Cruise girlfriend 2013 is Cynthia Jorge who is only 26 years old. Tom Cruise girlfriend 2013 Cynthia Jorge is a manger of a restaurant in New York. Hopefully, we’ll manage to find out more about her.